Helping business see potential opportunity and make connections in the global fuel cell industry.

We live in the connection economy, but we still look at industry in the same way that we did 20 years ago. Although simple Excel charts can still do the job they were intended to do, they are now unable to answer the much more complex questions we are currently asking. Data visualisation is a powerful way to develop graphics that analyse developing connections and growth.

4th Energy Wave has developed two tools that work in tandem to help stakeholders “see” the developing connections and growth in the sector.

The first tool is a long-term model of the fuel cell industry, which covers 5 applications in the stationary fuel cell sector, 3 in the transport sector, alongside the portable sector. It shows break out information on shipments to and from 13 countries and 5 regions from 2010 to 2030, tracking and modelling platinum demand, systems shipped and adopted, and MWs and revenue generated from the sale of fuel cells.

The second tool, which is unique in the cleantech sector to 4th Energy Wave, is data visualisation. This very powerful tool can create two types of graphics from the data that has been selected by the user. These graphics, which are stored in your dashboard for reference, can be downloaded to your computer for use in your business plans, presentations, etc.  Free examples of both types of graphics are provided below for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012, using real world information on the fuel cell industry. These graphics have been specifically developed to show growing connections, relationships and interdependencies in the global industry, and were developed to be intuitive to both read and understand.

Users of the model and visualisation tools get to select from 5 drop-downs to ensure that they control the information they receive. The drop-downs provided are year, country or region, sector and attribute (MWs, $Millions, Systems Shipped).

Below are three sample retina visualisations:

Access to the model and graphics function is by annual subscription. Updated every six months, this model is adaptive and based on developments in the sector. Subscribers to the model and visualisation tools will receive a written update that highlights major changes in the model.

Annual subscription to the dataset, plus the unlimited charting function: £4,000* per year ($6,700, €4,800)

Block of 10 charts, but no access to the dataset: £1,500*

To subscribe contact me direct on Once you have subscribed you will emailed your log in information and details of your own dashboard.

* plus VAT where applicable

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    The aim of this company is to work with any stakeholder interested in the sector, helping them to see and understand opportunities and threats, and helping them to see the proverbial wood for the trees.