Introducing the second 4th Energy Wave Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Annual Review.

The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Annual Review, 2015 is designed to measure and report growth and long term industry trends. It collects and collates data direct from the industry and creates a unique database of information. New this year are sections on platinum usage, jobs and fuel cell costs.

The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Annual Review is produced in two versions.

The first is a 70 page open access report which provides in-depth analysis of the fuel cell and hydrogen industry during the calendar year 2014.

The second version of the report includes a range of forward-looking statements on the potential growth areas for the industry, in both regions, applications and platinum demand. The version of the report with forward-looking statements can be purchased from the website for £1,000 (US$1,600, €1,400). To buy this report please either pay via the Paypal button, on the right of the page, or email and we can send an invoice. The full version of the report will be emailed direct to you.

The annual 4th Energy Wave Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Annual Review is not supported by sponsorship, advertising or government grants. It is put out in good faith as a tool for a fuel cell industry and interested stakeholders to refer to.

(NB: For those wanting to be sent a copy of the Fuel Cell Annual Review, 2014 please send an email to

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