Enabling business critical decisions to be carried out quickly and cost effectively.

Today’s fuel cell industry is evolving rapidly, but the world around it is also changing. New policy is being enacted in all regions of the world and potentially exciting new markets are emerging from the shadows. As a result, companies are consolidating, folding, growing and moving up and down the supply chain at a rate of knots, and investors are either falling in or out of love with the sector, depending on the day of the week.

Put together this represents both opportunity and risk all rolled into one. And this is were 4th Energy Wave helps business, governments, agencies, in fact any stakeholder who wants to leverage the opportunities that are opening up.

As part of this 4th Energy Wave produces an range of independent, high quality and authoritative range of analysis.

Fuel Cell Monthly is a monthly report outlining developments and opportunities in the past month. Designed for companies who are heavily active in the sector this report cuts through the noise to highlight opportunities, and developments.

The Fuel Cell Annual Review is our keystone report. Each year we measure market development and produce this data dense report. This report is designed for stakeholders who need to understand trends, areas of highest market growth and the fuel cell export, import market.

Fuel Cell Markets is a range of (future) reports that take a different market in turn and provide background information on the size of the sector, opportunities and challenges it represents.

  • About Us

    The aim of this company is to work with any stakeholder interested in the sector, helping them to see and understand opportunities and threats, and helping them to see the proverbial wood for the trees.